About Us

Based in the centre of East Sussex, TWFP Ltd. has over 100 years experience in the fire protection industry. We service customers throughout the South East of all sizes and nature.

We are a privately owned niche company and aim to establish, develop and maintain successful and long standing relationships with our customers.

Our success has been largely down to us fully understanding the requirements of our customers in great depth, employing the best engineers and using ongoing training to ensure compliance with all the latest fire safety issues and legislation.

We only use the best quality products, thus making sure that when you need it most, the product does not fail.

Private Customers

Since the start of the company, we have enjoyed long standing relationships with our private customers, who trust us to protect their homes and families against the threat of fire. We pride ourselves on a highly personal and tailored service to all our customers, not only from a fire protection point of view, but also for being available to call out at times that suit our customers.

We are able to provide discrete home protection, giving the correct amount of equipment in the most suitable position throughout the house, but allowing our customers homes to remain as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

No home is too large or small, we welcome all.

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Commercial Customers

We provide the same highly professional, tailored and competitive service to our commercial customers, across all industry sectors and business sizes.

We are trusted by a large number of schools, offices, care homes and high profile tourist attractions due to our engineers